Dennis Borst | Gameplay Programmer

Dennis Borst

Gameplay Programmer

Ada's Study(c#)

About Ada's Study

Ada's Study is a mobile narrative driven puzzle game. It was created in the assignment of Sherlocked as a mobile extension of their successful escape room "the vault". In Ada's Study, the player tries to uncover the final secrets of Ada Lovelace. With nine puzzles, we told the story of Ada Lovelace, she was part of the crossed keys society. She was about to die on a young age and was looking for a successor to finish her work. To see if you (the player) can be trusted by Ada, she has some tests layed out for you to complete before you are assigned to be the next successor. You get a letter to visit her house in London where you have to complete the tests and learn more about her way of life and work.

Project Info

Team Size: 6
Work Duration: 5 months
Engine: Unity
Source Code: Github

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