Dennis Borst | Gameplay Programmer

Dennis Borst

Gameplay Programmer


Troubled Tribe (c#)

I participated in the Ludum Dare 46 (2020) on my own. The theme was "Keep it alive". So I made a game about surviving in the forest with your tribe. You are the one that has to take care of everyone, because if you don't, they will all die. Your goal is to survive as many days as possible. It is a micro management game where you need to keep track of your resources. You have to manage the food, water and the heat.

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Galatic Chaos (c#)

This jam was the Global Game Jam 2020, which I joined with a team of four other people. The theme of this jam was "Repair". We came up with a game where you have to repair all the broken machines in a space ship. You are on this space ship but it is collapsing. So you called for help and it is on the way, but they arrive at the earliest in six minutes, so you have to keep the ship under control by then. On your little device you will see what is broken and what isn't, your goal is to fix it in time. When you managed to keep the ship under control in those six minutes, they rescued you and you are save and sound.

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Homewards (c#)

This game was the Global Game Jam 2019, I joined with a team of five other people. The theme of the game jam was "What home means to you". This was my very first game jam that I participated in. We made a 2D platformer which the goal was to get home. In the game you had some little puzzles and enemies that you could encounter.

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