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Hi, my name is Dennis Borst. I am a game programmer, mostly a gameplay programmer. Currently I am studying at the HKU (Hogeschool van der Kunsten Utrecht).

I love to work on games, apart of coding I also love to make my own 3D models, UI and particles. It gives me a satisfying feeling to make a game on my own. However I really enjoy working in teams as well. It feels amazing to create something together on something you all put your heart in. I am enthusiastic to always learn more. I know I still have to learn a lot, but I try to learn as fast as possible. That's why I try to join a gamejam so now and then. Each gamejam it will learn me some stuff I didn't knew.

My dream is to work in a small indie company or start one myself. Having multiple roles in a team is a dream for me, because I can give more input for the endresult. Besides I can be more creative, so working on the game will even be a bigger challenge, which result in me being even more motivated to work on the game.

In my own free time I love to play some games with friends like, league of legends, overwatch and apex legends. Besides gaming I love to walk in the nature or just walking in general. When I want to relax for a bit I will pick up my drawing book and start drawing a face from people I know.

Here you can view my resume if you want to know more about my work experience. For more about my projects you could go to my big projects, small projects or my game jams that I attended.