Dennis Borst | Gameplay Programmer

Dennis Borst

Gameplay Programmer

Released projects


Ada's Study (c#)

Ada's study is a mobile narrative driven puzzle game. It was created in the assignment of Sherlocked as a mobile extension of their successful escape room "the vault". In Ada's Study, the player tries to uncover the final secrets of Ada Lovelace. With nine puzzles, we told the story of Ada Lovelace, she was part of the crossed keys society. She was about to die on a young age and was looking for a successor to finish her work. To see if you (the player) can be trusted by Ada, she has some tests layed out for you to complete before you are assigned to be the next successor. You get a letter to visit her house in London where you have to complete the tests and learn more about her way of life and work.

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Other projects


Ease Island (c#)

Ease Island is a single player relaxing exploration game with a light touch of management involved. I started out wondering why I feel so relaxed while playing management games and tried to implement my research to give other people the same feeling! I was encouraged to try to make a game mostly by myself because I love all the aspects of game development! It was a nice challenge, I learned a lot of stuff I wouldn't have learned otherwise. The item icon's, music and some sound effects are not created by me. In the game you play as Marc, he stranded on an island where some other people got stranded as well. You decided to help the people on the island, while building some shelter and tools for youself. Your goal is to find materials to build all the stuff and to progress to another island.

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Volition (blueprints)

Volition is a First-Person survival game. Set on a distant planet consisting of enormous pillars of rock and organic fleshy material, you are here to find out what happened to a crew of a previous expedition. Within this game you have to balance oxygen and time, whilst researching the strange inner workings of this planet and trying not to starve a terrible death within this hostile environment.

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Growth (c#)

Growth is a Serious Game with a focus on Narrative. It is made by a team of seven students from the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and two students from the University Utrecht (UU). It was made in eight weeks time. In the game a brother and sister that live in Ethiopia have lost their parent due to the drought in the region. They must work their way towards the "promised land", towards the north. The game shows how society pushes standards onto the different sexes and how these two children push their way out of it.

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Shoot Mood (c#)

Shoot Mood is a small game which the goal of is very simple, get the highest score as possible. You are placed on a magical island that is being attacked by red flying cubes. The only thing you can defend yourself with is two yellow cubes that you can shoot forward, however you can only carry one cube at a time. Once you shot the cube, you have to pick it up again. These two cubes are both different, one is big but slow, the other is small but fast. The thing that makes this island special, is the magical boundries. Everything you shoot off the island, will appear on the other side of the island. So use your skills and score the highest score by destroying the red cubes.

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My Little Dome (c#)

My Little Dome is a stressful micro management game with the goal to keep everything under control. Your friend has their own biodome that takes a lot of effort to care off, but he decides to go on a vacation for a week, in the meantime someone has to take care of the biodome. So he asked you to take care of the dome for a week. In these days you have to take care of the oxygen and the CO2 output, but also keep in mind that you have to eat, drink and stay warm yourself.

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