Dennis Borst | Gameplay Programmer

Dennis Borst

Gameplay Programmer

Shoot Mood (c#)

About Shoot Mood

Shoot Mood is a small game which the goal of is very simple, get the highest score as possible. You are placed on a magical island that is being attacked by red flying cubes. The only thing you can defend yourself with is two yellow cubes that you can shoot forward, however you can only carry one cube at a time. Once you shot the cube, you have to pick it up again. These two cubes are both different, one is big but slow, the other is small but fast. The thing that makes this island special, is the magical boundries. Everything you shoot off the island, will appear on the other side of the island. So use your skills and score the highest score by destroying the red cubes.

Project Info

Team Size: 1
Work Duration: 2 days
Engine: Unity
Source Code: Github

My Role

I didn't made the sound effects, music and the heart icon, I all got those from packs I bought.